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Who the heck are we?

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Our Vision

Our vision is provide opportunity to underserved youth and adults through technology training and education, and to close the technology skills gap.

What is the Geek League?

A moderately secret cabal working to get shit done.

A group of technology-focused nonprofits and social enterprises working to create opportunities for underserved high school students and young adults through a blend of education, skills training and work experience, and to connect employers to strategies that improve the tech sector.
Strategies - management tool, diverse talent pipeline, internship programs, skill-based employee engagement, activities such as Job Shadow Days provide team building opportunities for the private sector and break down inter-departmental silos, the morale boost that comes with engagement improves retention company-wide.

Who the heck are we?

Education and technology focused nonprofits, social enterprises, and companies.

What if nonprofits could join forces, without fear of losing funders to competition, to deepen their visibility and impact? Each one a strong member of Chicago’s tech ecosystem, a group of nonprofits have formed the Geek League to expand the pathways to tech careers for underserved youth and adults. Our objective is to serve as a model for collaboration among nonprofit tech leaders, working toward the realization of talent in our cities.

What do we do?

Working collectively to strengthen the technology talent pipeline (from education to employment) by giving companies an opportunity to invest in the future of their workforce. These opportunities include funding programs aligned with their values, engaging existing employees in working with young people in the industry, and informing educational and workforce decision-makers about what skills and curriculum are critical for future generations to be successful and make exceptional employees.

We also work together to improve technology education and job readiness for students and young adults through educational programs, social and emotional curriculum, work experiences, and networking connections to professionals.
We are changing the perceptions and narrative around disconnected youth capable of coming to the table with the resiliency toolkit they’ve developed over a lifetime of facing adversity. At the same time we are changing the way these individuals perceive themselves and the opportunities available to them.

What are the outcomes?

More underserved youth and adults receive the training and support to succeed in technology careers and higher education. As a tech cluster, the Geek League can pursue funding from national foundations, requiring larger infrastructures. It is hoped that the Geek League will form a connective tissue across the tech industry, making it more accessible to underserved talent and energizing employers around a larger entry-level pipeline, while creating a more connected feedback loop for workforce and educational entities.